Here's what I've been working on.

Sometimes I code from the ground up with HTML, CSS, JavaScript or React. Sometimes I build full websites in Webflow.

Web Design
Fun Projects

Toy MiniNatures

Photographer Andrew Camera needed a fun and engaging site to showcase his mini toy nature photography.

Murder With My Husband

Built out this website for a very successful true crime podcast where listeners could learn about the show, its hosts and listen to all of the episodes.

Meditation Sounds Audio Players

Starting template for an audio centric website. Custom javascript was used to create audio sliders, timers and local storage.

Marina Havriliak Portfolio Website

Designed and built out music supervisor and editor Marina Havriliak's professional website in Adobe Portfolio.

Aspire to Inspire Crafts

E-commerce shop for handmade crafts all with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly packaging.

Bloomingdale Theater Company

Website for a NYC based theater company with a focus on building a sense of community.


A coaching practice and advisory for leaders, teams, and organizations striving to realize their potential and impact. Founder Steve Schloss wanted a clean, professional look to inspire clients.

Peter Vincent | Leadership Coach

Peter wanted a warm and personable site to reflect his personality and grow his established HR consulting and leadership practice.

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