Just a guy who loves escaping into the magic of movies. I build websites that give you the same kind of feeling.

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Who wants a generic website that blends in with everything else that’s out there?

Get with the times.

No more stale and outdated material. You deserve to have something that showcases your skills in a fresh and engaging way. No offense James...

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Time to shine.

Let’s add some color and build you a website that maintains a professional quality, but gives the viewer that sense of cinematic magic.

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Hi, i'm Cullen.

I’m a web developer with a background in entertainment. I’ve acted, worked in production, written and produced projects, and now I make websites too. Communicating and engaging with others through art and media is my forte.

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What can we do together?

I’ve studied human behavior during my acting ventures and know how to connect with others and anticipate needs. These abilities combined with my web development skills will enable us to create a more vibrant web presence for your business, one that will excite viewers and bring more success!

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During these critical times where remote work is the new normal, an online presence is more important than ever to stay relevant.

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