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I’ve worked for Broadway producers, Warner Brother’s Studios in Hollywood and created many artistic projects along the way.

After completing two coding bootcamps, I now work as a software engineer by day, and continue to freelance in my spare time, always looking to build unique web projects to expand my skill-set.

I also run a YouTube channel where I produce educational videos highlighting web design and Webflow, all through a movie and pop culture focus. You can check that out here.


I received a B.F.A. in Drama from NYU Tisch and now I do computer things. Sorry mom and dad...

The Hudson Valley in NY is my hometown, but I'm currently in Dallas, TX working in tech. You can always find me catching up on the latest film and television happenings, booking the quirkiest Airbnbs or petting the nearest dogs.

Values I share
with my clients...

Making things fun and easy.

The outcome is important, but the process of getting there should be enjoyable and exciting for us both.

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A sense of teamwork.

We each have important skills that will help make your site the best it can be. Open communication and sharing of ideas is important to me.

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Quality Content.

Just because a site looks pretty doesn’t mean it's made well. I utilize the best practices to ensure top-notch accessibility, screen size responsiveness, and user experiences for my websites.

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When I build your website, I use the perfect combination of skills and experience. Here's how it will work:

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I’ll learn more about the amazing services you provide and make sure we are on the same page about how to showcase those on your website. I’ll send over a formal proposal to highlight our talking points.

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Copywriting and Design

Once we have a game plan, we will work together on constructing the initial layout. I like to use the design tool Figma for this. We’ll write some web content so we can best describe what you have to offer on the site.

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As soon as we’ve got a killer design for all of the pages, I’ll start building the site in Webflow. This is a great platform that allows you to make future edits right from your bed without any coding skills necessary.

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Your site is perfect. It takes your breath away. Now we can share it with the world! I’ll connect the hosting and domain all in one place. We’ll pop the champagne and watch the clients line up for your red carpet showing.

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